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Developing stronger students and athletes with the support and involvement of parents and the community...

2016 florida's king & Queen of the court

High School "March Madness"

  9/14-  Educational Round-Up
  9/14-  The Parent Athlete Round-Up 101
  10/14-  College Here I Come School Year Kick Off Seminar
​​  10/14-  APC (Athlete Psychology Class) with a Coach
  10/14-  Budgeting For Student Success 
  4/14-  College Tour (Gainesville, Fl) Santa Fe & UF
  5/14-  Career Planning & Assessment 101


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Come enjoy "March Madness" here in the state of Florida. Girls and Boys Basketball Champions from all classes (1A-8A) will compete to be named The King/ Queen of the Court.  Bridging education & sports is our goal to help students and athletes reach their dreams. 

Building stronger students through education, sports, and the community

mission & vision

Our mission and vision is to develop stronger students and athletes through proper education, coaching, and sports in our nation.  

community outreach

Our goal is to develop stronger students and athletes and with the support of businesses within communities we can do just that.  Find out how to become our partner today!


Our educational coaching program is designed to help students ages 11-22 reach their academic goals through education planning, goal setting, data tracking,  career exploration, and much much more.   Get Started Today!

The key to success is having a game plan to succeed, and the game plan must include hard work!

TCA Cares Inc.
​​I always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.

~Michael Jordan

​​I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't Quit." Suffer now and live the  rest of your life as a champion!

~Muhammad Ali

​​I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.~ Estee Lauder

What's your Game Plan?????